Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Putty Tat

We found this furry rascal at a relative's place. It was very difficult to keep him in one place to take a pic so we were forced to use physical restrain

We decided to put it down after it threw a tantrum trying to scratch its way out of the photoshoot.

Then it was the biting time! It was enjoying the delight of sinking its needle sharp teeth in to our ankles and its victims had to keep their feet up. Exhaust from mutilating the innocent humans it bundled up on patch of grass for a few minutes to device its next evil plan against whoever that would dare to come close.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Confessions of a dreamer

Rain… fascinated me always, even when it trickled through a leaky roof tile soaking the kittie’s cushion or when it seeped in to my shoes and sloshed along to school.

Because for me, rain symbolized washing the pains and mistakes of the past and soaking the soil of opportunity for new hopes to germinate. As I learnt with time, most saplings would wilt away before the next rains arrive, but the prospect of a clean slate is something I would cherish till it lasts.

I feel happier when rain goes wild with trillions of drops of water threatening to bring down the world. The roar of the rain surrounds me cutting off the existence of the rest of the world at least for a brief moment of bliss.

Just me and the rain…. The feeling is that of a detached calmness as I look on at the sheets of rain dancing in the wind.

I sneak out of the door; sit on the porch step to meet the refreshing cold mist brought on by the unruly wind. (I want to invite them in but mom thinks otherwise)

Then I wish this would last forever….

When getting wet is not an option (especially like now, where we have it 24/7) it’s equally gratifying to forget everything else with a nice book and a hot cup of coffee while the rain plays havoc outside. I think that’s how Nero felt when he played his violin over the blazing city of Rome. That evil sense of serenity over chaos….I love it ;)

PS; Meet teddy, the model for my story :)
And excuse the metamorphosis of my photoblog in to something else