Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back to butterflies

I feel the leathargy creeping over me. This happens all the time when I try my hand at something new. Does anyone have a can of spinach to spare? :D

And my folks are like..."there goes the new hobby"... ;)

Fortunately these enthusiastic butterflies were practically rubbing on me insisting to be taken a pic of. And I had to get out of my cozy coccoon of lazyness, dust up my disappointed cam and capture the pretty volunteers.

This one is called the Chocolate Soldier (Junonia iphita)a common resident butterfly. It was basking in the early morning sun which is meant to regulate its body temperature. It looks a bit like a dried leaf when wings are held together. This particular fellow was thoroughly enjoying its sun bath and did not allow me that view.

It's not only the winged beauties that were catching the eye...

Araliya (Plumeria spp.) is a common tropical flower seen in a number of shades and sometimes even in bicolour. White is the commonest (my fav) and usually represents purity, innocence and simplicity on Sri Lankan literature.

And then I find this one adamently clasping its wings together like a celebrity hiding from the much dreaded media. My guess is it is a Grey Pansy (Junonia atlites) trying to minimise the absorption of heat as the sun was quite high in the sky when this was taken. Being "cold blooded" they are highly dependant on the environment to regulate the body heat. If you look carefully, you will notice that it has adopted a position that has the least effect from the sun.

I will be gone for a while ....hoping to be back as soon as things permit.. : )

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunny side up !

The few days we were in Jaffna it was overcast with a drizzle here and there. The climate was cool in contrast to the image I had in mind, a city of harsh sun, heat and dust. Most of my pics turned out to be quite pale and colorless (blame it on the weather…. lol). Despite the disruption of my “photography” I was quite happy that we didn’t have to scorch ourselves in the hot sun.

Even the sunflowers were out inquiring the whereabouts of their mentor…

After a disappearing act of several hours it showed itself beyond the walls of the Jaffna Fort just before calling it a day.If they weren’t so adamant about the fact that we see the same sun despite ones location, I would have sworn that Jaffna had its own sun. Captured around 6 p.m, It looked like a bluish white disc unlike the crimson setting sun seen elsewhere.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A tear of happiness

If one look at a world map, Sri Lanka looks like a tear drop being shed from Asia. I always felt it symbolized the sorrows of its inhabitants as the relentless conflicts tore it apart. Almost two thirds of the beautiful beaches were out of bounds to the majority.

Being the children of war, we could only imagine the beauty of the forbidden land. The irony of the situation was that I could have easily travelled to the north pole but not the northern province of my own country.

Everything comes to an end….and one fine morning we woke up to a country with only one boundary....the beautiful coast line

Each person was free to travel its length and breadth with no restriction. The new found freedom was overwhelming and that’s how I ended up travelling up north to the tip of the tear drop.

The northern end of Sri Lanka tapers in to a peninsula which makes up the Jaffna district. It’s a land nestled in water, with many extensions of sea creating a unique landscape and eco system. The low elevation from sea level makes the distinction between the sea and land obscure. There are vast areas of bare land contemplating on its geographical status “to be (sea) or not to be…”.

Around the tip are numerous islands sitting on a sea bed so shallow that fishermen can be seen walking miles in to the sea with their nets and poles and water reaching only up to their hips. Some of the islands are connected to the mainland and each others with manmade strips of land called causeways extending a kilometer or two.

And the journey continues ....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random thoughts

Slow stride to serenity

This was captured in Wanamandawa Temple in Hamangalla, Kurunegala. I will not go in to details as I would like to know what you think about it.... : )

Purity born of dirt

Eagle's ego

The credit of the idea of posting randoms with abstract titles goes to SACHIRA and I loved the idea so much that I had to do it myself with some of my naive pics :D

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wings of beauty

If someone wants to talk about the Kandian Dancers, now would be the best time. The “Esala Perahara” the most majestic procession in Sri Lanka proud of its unique dancers was held only a few days back.

One can go on talking about its breathtaking splendor for days. It’s a cultural bouquet of centuries old music, choreography and many other performing arts. One gets mystified as the beat of the many drums take over the beat of the heart and even the pachyderms can’t escape the bewitching urge to dance.

See Enchanting Paradise Isle by Harumi for information about the procession and anjanaon photography for some beautiful pics of a similar pageant.

This Orchid is called the “Kandian Dancer” and if one looks closely at a single flower it looks like a dancer in the traditional dancing costume in one of the famous postures. See here for a pic of a dancer.

I found these blossoms in my home garden dancing in the wind as if wanting to join the upcoming procession. The red pattern in and around the center of the flower closely mimic the elaborate traditional jewelry worn by the dancers and there are even two tiny petals to represent the ornate head dress.

There was someone else fluttering around the flowers as if to steal the attention it was being given. It was flying in a very unique manner where it would flutter its wings a few times and then glide a few inches. It was going flutter-glide-flutter-glide for a while and then landed on a nearby leaf exhaust by the show off and was quite bold as it let me take some (relative) close ups.

This is the Common Sailor (Neptis hylas) with a wing span of 5-6 cm.