Friday, September 3, 2010

Wings of beauty

If someone wants to talk about the Kandian Dancers, now would be the best time. The “Esala Perahara” the most majestic procession in Sri Lanka proud of its unique dancers was held only a few days back.

One can go on talking about its breathtaking splendor for days. It’s a cultural bouquet of centuries old music, choreography and many other performing arts. One gets mystified as the beat of the many drums take over the beat of the heart and even the pachyderms can’t escape the bewitching urge to dance.

See Enchanting Paradise Isle by Harumi for information about the procession and anjanaon photography for some beautiful pics of a similar pageant.

This Orchid is called the “Kandian Dancer” and if one looks closely at a single flower it looks like a dancer in the traditional dancing costume in one of the famous postures. See here for a pic of a dancer.

I found these blossoms in my home garden dancing in the wind as if wanting to join the upcoming procession. The red pattern in and around the center of the flower closely mimic the elaborate traditional jewelry worn by the dancers and there are even two tiny petals to represent the ornate head dress.

There was someone else fluttering around the flowers as if to steal the attention it was being given. It was flying in a very unique manner where it would flutter its wings a few times and then glide a few inches. It was going flutter-glide-flutter-glide for a while and then landed on a nearby leaf exhaust by the show off and was quite bold as it let me take some (relative) close ups.

This is the Common Sailor (Neptis hylas) with a wing span of 5-6 cm.


  1. These flower can dance with or without any wind. They always do.

  2. Orchids for me are one of the most attractive types of flowers.
    I wonder if the design of the costume for Kandian dancers was, in fact, copied from this species flower.
    You never fail to capture a flutter-by every time you go to garden with the camera, do you? :)

  3. That's another beautiful post. I wish I could find such orchids in my garden... And the procession must be an impressive sight.
    And you are really golf at capturing butterflies!

  4. I've never noticed the orchid really resemble the dancing dress until now, great imagination...:-)

  5. WOW! I'm really impressed. I love both the pictures. The detail alone is enough to take ones breath away! Superb! The butterfly picture is really good! Post card perfect!

    Also, use softwares like Noise Ware Pro to take off those unwanted pixels.



  6. Thank all of you for the comments,

    @rainfield; yes, they always do..

    @SACHIRA; thats an idea...maybe they did copy afterall :)
    I guess butterflies like me ;)

    @Frieda; I love watching the grand procession although I missed it this time :(

    @Grass; I think if one looks close enough we can identify the patterns in our lives always reflected in nature

    @Me-shack; do you know where i can get this software?

  7. Hey thanks for adding my link =D

    Sometimes I wonder do we both step down to the same garden by not knowing each other. … lol (cos most of the flowers you snap are the same as in my garden …;)

    Since you like the constructive criticisms of your photography let me give you my honest feed back of the 1st pic.

    Composition is fine but you can improve it more by giving the flowers more attention since the background distracts the eye quite a lot in this pic. Also the flowers are over exposed and it’s not showing the real beauty of it (you know what I mean ha? :)

    Since you in your own garden you have the luxury of moving around the subject and find the best spot to snap them. Try different angles than the normal angles that we see everyday life.

    Hope I was not too harsh on you :D…. thousand apologies if it so …. =D

    I love the 2nd pic and the noise of the pic suites nice here. Sometimes it’s inevitable the noise of the pics and you have used it in a great way.

    Happy clicking!

  8. Stillness speaks through natural energy vibrations. Every creature and color reflects layers of energy resonating. What a person thinks he sees or perceives through physical senses hides the underlying magic.

  9. @Anjana; You are welcome!

    No worries whatsoever....actually i like critisisms better than praise as it allows me to become better each day.

    Thank you very much for the ideas. I'm learning a lot through this blog :)

    @Liara Covert;

    Thanks for the comment!

    The colours, textures and sounds we percieve are actually interpretaions of the outside sensory stimuli generated in our brains. For example the perception of colour, is heavily influenced by the persons previous experiences with the same stimulus and what he/she feels about it.

    If someone tries to part the concept of colour from perception, that shows nothing but pure ignorance.

  10. Those beautiful orchids truly resemble the real thing. And the butterfly is just as striking too.

    Oh and thanks for posting my link, Silent. You've elucidated Esala Perahera so beautifully with just a handful of words. Awesome wordsmithing as always. ^__^