Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random thoughts

Slow stride to serenity

This was captured in Wanamandawa Temple in Hamangalla, Kurunegala. I will not go in to details as I would like to know what you think about it.... : )

Purity born of dirt

Eagle's ego

The credit of the idea of posting randoms with abstract titles goes to SACHIRA and I loved the idea so much that I had to do it myself with some of my naive pics :D


  1. Hey thanks for the compliment :)

    About the first one, the idea of serenity is given out in the expressions and the postures of the monks. Would be interesting to see how it would look like in monochrome. Also, how if the first monk is singled out. Just my two cents :)

    Eagle's ego is absolutely... no words to describe. Great title. Love it!

  2. Great stuffs!

    The first image gives a sense of mistery (where the monks were heading to? for what?).

    The third one is highly creative.

    The idea of the second photo is good. The photo could be further improved though...

  3. What a fantastic shots! I love all the pics!

    Pic 1 -
    In a world of everything is fast tracked and restless still there is peace within and it’s time to give a moment to find it….

    What a pic and a title! I love the tone of the pic too!

    I never saw live like monk sculptures before. Where is this place? Is this signifies the some of the 500 disciples of Buddha?

    Pic 2 -
    Nice composition! Normally we get to see a beautiful lotus or some other flower in shots like this. But you just showed a different perspective of it.

    Any idea of what you call for this flower?

    Pic 3 -
    Great timing and what a composition!

    Title says it all :D

  4. Great captures, all of them.
    I too think the first one would look better in monochrome. Second is nicely composed. And I would love to take a shot like the third one.

  5. Found you via Northwest Natural Moments blog. Some people think images capture timeless moments and indescribable concepts. Yet, if time and concepts do not exist, then nothing is captured except those things that reinforce conditioned delusions. Move beyond them and images fade into an empty abyss.

  6. Thanks everyone for the comments!

    @SACHIRA; you are welcome!
    monochrome seems to be a great idea but i dont know how to do it :( Should try to learn.

    @Grass; these are statues of the 80 desciples of Buddha ...i think they are headed to Nirvana if we talk in a broader sense :)

    I would like if you can give me some hints on how to improve the second pic. I guess i can learn a lot from you :)

    @Anjana; I think you are too good with photos to be decieved in to believing that these are real monks :D
    These were in Wanamandawa Temple in Hamangalla.
    I tampered with the green component of the second pic (wandurata dalipihiya dunna wage...hikhik...) :)
    and the third...ouch, my neck still hurts

    @Gallicissa; I know its too rude...but may I know what your name means? :) (whew...I HAD to get it out)
    hmm...about monochrome....I have some serious learning to do on photo editing.
    I would just say the third was a pain in the neck :)

    @Liara Covert;
    Welcome to my blog!

    The ability to generate a deeper concept out of an ordinary event (abstract thinking) is a unique ability of the human beings not seen in any other organism. This capacity arises from the presence of a well developed frontal cortex.
    In dementia where there is gradual loss of nerve cells, the loss of abstract thinking is one of the most striking features.

    As all biological variables the cognitive functions also vary widely among humans. And some who unfortunately lack the minimum required amount are basically incapable of comprehending the deep concepts.

  7. I always want to present photos without any talking, it helps to bring in different perception from different person.

    I have not tried just because I am too talkative.

  8. Bloody amazing pictures. I'm still saying wow looking at the last picture. I agree with Amila on the first picture. Lovely work. Really looking forward to see more.


  9. What a beautiful post.
    I like all three pictures very much.

  10. Just my opinion, a suitable crop to enlarge the subject to obtain a tighter image.

  11. I think it’s time to change the term then …. “patalita camerawa ahu una wage” hiks hiks =:D

    Btw are you a doc? I know I had few failed attempts to guess your profession before as well … ;)

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments!

    @rainfield; a picture without words can mean a different story to each person.....which is more personal

    @Me-shack; wondering what to post next.. :D

    @Frieda;glad you like it!

    @Grass; thanks for the input. I guess you are right!

    @Anjana; keep guessing!

    four attempts allowed ...two down and two more to go... :P

  13. Hey, I would like to guess your profession, too... But I don't know the other wrong guesses. Maybe you are a journalist? You certainly know writing...

  14. It would me my dream to become a journalist although it never materialized...

    Ok guys ...its time to conclude the guessing game :D im a doc

  15. Hey! I guessed is correctly….. but you cheated … lol …. :P

    I will never be safe anywhere other than been in my blog then … hehehe … cos now I have 3 docs around me all the time … ;)

    And the best part is they all are lady docs …. Ahhhmmmm! … =:D

  16. I never told you that you were wrong...:P read and see!

    May I know who these other lady bugs are? :P

  17. Yes you did! You said two down and two more to go …lol

    ok! that’s md & vt … :D

  18. Love the first photo a lot. Perfect!

  19. your pictures are wonderful, from the titles to their captions..keep blogging! :)

  20. Pic 1: Wow.. I actually thought they were real, the sculptor must be a genius to make them appear so lifelike and the statues too compliment so well with the serene backdrop. Such a heavenly place.

    Pic 2: beautiful capture, gives off a very calming effect.

    Pic 3: a solitary eagle and the silver moon.. a very poetic combo.

    PS: Wow.. I'm surprised and glad to hear that you're a doc. ^__^