Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunny side up !

The few days we were in Jaffna it was overcast with a drizzle here and there. The climate was cool in contrast to the image I had in mind, a city of harsh sun, heat and dust. Most of my pics turned out to be quite pale and colorless (blame it on the weather…. lol). Despite the disruption of my “photography” I was quite happy that we didn’t have to scorch ourselves in the hot sun.

Even the sunflowers were out inquiring the whereabouts of their mentor…

After a disappearing act of several hours it showed itself beyond the walls of the Jaffna Fort just before calling it a day.If they weren’t so adamant about the fact that we see the same sun despite ones location, I would have sworn that Jaffna had its own sun. Captured around 6 p.m, It looked like a bluish white disc unlike the crimson setting sun seen elsewhere.


  1. Wonderful! I like both the pics very much! About your writing, it’s simply awesome!

    For me it’s like the sunflower is inquiring from you what’s that black thing you pointing at it …. lol

    What a lovely composition of the 2nd pic! It’s like a shot from a movie.. Placement of the family and the birdie are spot on. I cannot remember whether I have seen a bluish white sun before.


  2. We see the same sun and moon everyday.

    So if you have anything to say, say it to them, I'll get the message later.

  3. Thank you for continuing the journey with us. Your writing is once again wonderful, and the pictures are beautiful!
    I have never seen such a sunset...
    By the way, as I wrote, I'm somewhere in the middle of nowhere, on a mountain, and it is work related---I don't think I'll come back with pictures and stories like you..

  4. I like the second picture. It's like one of those paintings. The sun looks more like the moon. Good composition too, with silhouettes of that little family. Always like your work.

  5. The 1st photo shows character, whereas the 2nd one has its unique mood....nice!

  6. woweee....the sunflower seems like a super model giving an elegant pose for a cover page lol :D

    I've never seen a bluish sun in my life. It's almost like the moon to me. you are right, it's truly a "Jaffna Sun" :)

  7. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments !

    @Anjana; The little family was ideal for the setting

    @rainfield; hope you got my message :)

    @Frieda; we miss your wonderful posts :)

    @Sachira; this must be how it would look if we were to have one representative for both the sun and the moon

    @Grass; glad you like it

    @Nadee; yeah, "Jaffna sun" would be the correct term :)

  8. some thing tells me not to post a comment, the power went off twice. and firefox crashed once. With comment moderation on, obviously you are expecting some good comments. this is not a good comment.

    i have been at your blog for over two hours. 6 in the morning now and its raining, much needed rain for Chennai and i am sipping coffee. its nice to be at your blog and i am not disappointed.

    this is the first Sri Lankan blog i have come across in 5 years of blogging. perhaps you have posted more in 5 months than what i have done in 5 years of blogging. i appreciate the pictures. But they hardly say anything about your place. i know nothing about Sri Lanka, i know its my problem and you can't do anything about my lack of knowledge. i have friends in Colombo, very close and dear friends, their children are studying here at Chennai, but they too avoid talking about their country. i do not know anything beyond Jaisuriya and Murlidharan.
    The sunflower and the sun don't say anything about Jaffna.

    Landscapes are beautiful anywhere under the sun even the deserts are beautiful like Rajasthan. Its the people who make the place interesting.
    you have posted some lovely pictures with stunning clarity and good composition. flowers paddy fields butterflies are nice to look at but there are thousands of photo blogs and they are very boring. Some where in your blog i read that you wanted to be a journalist.
    You have to get in to the crowd, interact and be one of them, buy something from a local shop and strike a conversation, have a tea at the roadside tea shop, oh yes i love the Sri Lankan tea my friends bring every time. please don't scare them with any sophistication, You can discover things and be friendly only when you walk. If you slam the car door and start clicking pictures, people will be scared of you and they will not open up. you can make your blog more interesting if you show the local atmosphere and write about people.

    Came over from Nina's blog, she is a good friend of mine, very sweet she is. Saw your comment there and i discovered you are a Sri Lankan and saw some lovely pictures. the picture of the monks is still on my mind perhaps it will remain there for the rest of the day.
    thank You

  9. I just fell in love with the sunflower pic.... beautiful!!!

  10. Fantastic pictures! Love the SUNflower photo as well as the SUNset picture!

  11. Thank you guys for the lovely comments

    i think you deserve special thanks for the lengthy comment (so far the longest in my blog) :)

    yeah i totally get what you mean and i think its time to make a confession. I'm already getting bored of my blog displaying boring inanimate stuff :(

    I am a great fan of observing people and thus capturing moments of their lives. It is always fascinating to peep in to people lives (some call it prying but i think it as concern and care)

    so you would ask what in the world is keeping me from not capturing what i want.

    It the pure concern of intimidating people with my camera and the possible misunderstandings. well, maybe i am too timid for photography :) or i can do with a less imposing camera (like a P and S)

    @Angel; Welcome to my blog !
    Sunflower told me that she fell in love with you too ;)

    @K; glad you liked the SUN (flower and set) :D

  12. Hey, as someone whose photoblog is full of inanimate objects I would like to mention something... Of course it is fascinating and interesting to capture people in their daily life - but in my opinion one should always have their consent. And it's even another thing to post them on the internet. Up here one can't just use the picture of someone else without their consent. That's why I remain with non-human photo objects (and sometimes pictures that show me :-)

  13. What a warm sunny sunflower and in contrast what a cool looking sun the Jaffna folks getta enjoy. It doesn't look like a sun at all. =D

    But I really do like the 2nd photo's hues and the silhouettes, simply splendid!