Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Great Flood

The rain started pouring one night and the sky was glowing with lightening. I woke up the next morning to realize that we were surrounded by water several feet deep. Trying to feel bad about not being able to go to work I couldn't mask my happiness despite a tinge of guilt. It seems weird to feel happy when people are stranded in submerged houses, but I guess still it’s ok to feel happy for no reason when you are flooded. With this god sent break I thought I would put a post in my blog before people forgot of my existence ; )

Flood brings happiness to many others too and particularly those who don’t mind getting their fur/feather coats soaked.This is a rather wet Asian Koel ( doesn't look too happy either).Does anyone know if its a male or a female?

We saw a nice story of canine and human companionship unfolding in the midst of the flood. This man came to get his ponies who were grazing in a grassy patch in our lane. He was closely followed by his doggy who was swimming in the water as it was too deep for it to walk. He told us that she left her pups to come with him and did not go when he tried to chase her knowing that the water will be too deep.

On his way back with the ponies we observed the doggy to be too tired to swim and was clinging on to a bush. The man left the ponies and came back for the doggy and he had to carry it while the ponies followed obligingly. Once he tried to keep the doggy on one of the ponys' back but it shook the poor dog off quite unceremoniously. The pony seemed to be thinking… "ugh….these dogs always mean trouble”

We were waiting for Noah to bring his Ark but seems he opted for a better specimen of the fairer sex…