Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Great Flood

The rain started pouring one night and the sky was glowing with lightening. I woke up the next morning to realize that we were surrounded by water several feet deep. Trying to feel bad about not being able to go to work I couldn't mask my happiness despite a tinge of guilt. It seems weird to feel happy when people are stranded in submerged houses, but I guess still it’s ok to feel happy for no reason when you are flooded. With this god sent break I thought I would put a post in my blog before people forgot of my existence ; )

Flood brings happiness to many others too and particularly those who don’t mind getting their fur/feather coats soaked.This is a rather wet Asian Koel ( doesn't look too happy either).Does anyone know if its a male or a female?

We saw a nice story of canine and human companionship unfolding in the midst of the flood. This man came to get his ponies who were grazing in a grassy patch in our lane. He was closely followed by his doggy who was swimming in the water as it was too deep for it to walk. He told us that she left her pups to come with him and did not go when he tried to chase her knowing that the water will be too deep.

On his way back with the ponies we observed the doggy to be too tired to swim and was clinging on to a bush. The man left the ponies and came back for the doggy and he had to carry it while the ponies followed obligingly. Once he tried to keep the doggy on one of the ponys' back but it shook the poor dog off quite unceremoniously. The pony seemed to be thinking… "ugh….these dogs always mean trouble”

We were waiting for Noah to bring his Ark but seems he opted for a better specimen of the fairer sex…


  1. Oh, you are back with such a news.....

    BTW, welcome back.

    It is a female Koel, it told me.

  2. Hey! Great to see you back =D

    Ahh I knew floods has hit you cos you dropped by my blog at the same day ;) Yep! Why not take everything as a blessing ha? :D

    Nice work as always. Pics and the writing just drag you to the scene nicely. Lovely!

    I think it’s a female. Fully black one is the male as I can remember ;)

    Hey you live somewhere close to Rajagiriya? Think I have seen this pony guy before …. lol

  3. Welcome back, it's always a great pleasure to see your pictures and read your stories.
    I hope the situation about the flood will get better soon - even if it means you have to get bac to work...

  4. Hello Silent Moment,
    So happy to see you again with your illustrations. Seems flood has assisted you in good ways.Like the last pic in which the white pony's staring at the poor dog.

  5. Yep, good to see ya back. ^__^

    That's some flood causing so much trouble. Nice and touching pics. And I feel the last 2 pics in particular give off the vibes of news photos.

  6. Thanks for the warm welcome ! really felt it !

    @Rainfield; yes she told me that she met a nice person... :)

    I was told as a kid that female Koel was ugly, so i thought the black one was the female ...hehe

    wow! you have some talent in recognising people from behind !! yes I live close to Rajagiriya :)

    It is wonderful to post stuff for you all and read your comments. I really missed it. I will try my best to post as much as I can.

    The water receded after two days and im back in the ward!!

    @Nadee; thanks for stopping by ! Good to see you guys after a while :)
    the last pic is my fav too...

    @Harumi; Thanks for visiting ! guess you escaped floods in the hills..:)

  7. A beautiful blog.

  8. Guess what? I live in Rajagiriya too …. =D

    Haha .. Yes, even if I bump into you on the road I will definitely say hi .. ok? :D

  9. The climate really has changed, even my home town that had not flooded for many years flooded again recently...

    The photos must be taken from a higher point, nice angle!

  10. oh this is brilliant, the man and the ponies second shot, the middle one. Did you notice that the man is holding money between his lips ? i think he does not have a pocket. Please try a black and white of this shot. It will have a better impact.
    This is a winner. Please don't increase the contrast, you'll lose the ripples around them.

    i think your writing style suits fiction. Better start writing a novel. You are a good story teller. you have a good command over the language. My English is pretty bad.

    A couple of ducks were watching Noah pushing animals in to the boat. Noah saw the ducks.
    common, get in, only two of you allowed you and you, male and female get in

    why ?

    there's going to be a big flood

    So ?

    i said there'll be a big flood

    So ?

    We'll all get drowned in the flood, go on, get in, common now

    we are not coming

    what ? you want to die ?

    we'll float you silly.

  11. Hey Patali,
    the snow is one of the nicer aspects of winter (unlike the short days, the cold etc.).
    But since yesterday night it has begun to rain which is quite unpleasant...
    I hope all is well for you :-)

  12. my first visit to your blog; interesting pos tings

    much love

  13. It is a female Asian Koel. You know when I was posted to Kanthale I frantically looked for something to keep my spirits high. I never thought I ll find it just outside my balcony. One morning when I stepped out guess who greeted me? Orioles(Kaha Kurulla),Pompodore green pigeons,Sri Lankan (grey)horn bills,Coppersmith barbets!!!!Imagine my luck. But please don't be misled for a moment. I DO NOT LIVE IN SOME HUT IN THE WILD..OK? I just don't want you to conjure up an image of me ,with my hair down, on a roof top in a thick forest watching birds around me.ok.Guessed you might just imagine that kind of thing knowing me fully well.Ha Ha

  14. Marcel, Rauf, Grass, Frieda ; thanks for the wonderful comments :)

    Gillena ; welcome to my blog!

    Nimali ; Nice to see you here buddy. Welcome to my blog !
    Ha Ha yeah....that scenario is quite possible, and my mind dosent allow anyother image...Im helpless here :D
    you are lucky to see so many kinds of birds just outside your balcony!