Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lunuganga - The water wonderland

Lunuganga estate is a land jutting in to a lake forming a peninsula. It is a small hillock surrounded with marshy areas created by the tide. Lunuganga or the “salty river” probably gets its name due to its close connection to the sea and the water is a mixture of brine and fresh.  

Located in Benthota, Sri Lanka, it was the home for the world renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa and has inspired many of his creations.

House surrounded by ancient Sudu araliya (white plumeria) trees creating a aura of mystery

In the hands of this magician it has been converted to a land spoken of in the fairy tales. The natural elevations are converted in to many individual terraces of garden with its own identity. These small hideouts are secluded from the rest of the places and one gets the feeling of being isolated in a small island with a sense of solitary relaxation. It would be the ideal hideout for an introvert !

A side entrance of the house with a distant view of a lonely statue

 The view of relaxing waters can be seen from most of the locations and the many small canals, ponds and wells have incorporated the water in to the garden making it a “water wonderland”. 
It is simply difficult to take a bad picture in this land of beauty and I felt incapacitated as any angle even without thinking would still capture a marvel. I gave up trying and just clicked on…

one of many Dan trees (Syzygium caryophyllatum) at the edge of the Kumbura (paddy field) bordering the river

The two statures standing at the edge of the garden gives a sense of companionship and adds a touch of sophistication. I don’t think they would complain for having to stand there for decades as one cannot have too much of the beautiful view seen from their vantage point. Looking down from there, tiny segments of the garden in different elevations, the lawn with the paddy field is seen ending at the waters edge. Beyond the deep waters the coconut tress stands proud on a small island which is being made a sanctuary for the wounded wild animals. 
The Caesar seems to have set a trend of wearing ficus vines instead of his old laurel wreath. Wish I told him that it looks nice on his majestic head. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The escape route

 Location - Galle Fort, Sri Lanka.