Saturday, May 26, 2012

Life after death

I found a new attraction for photography.

Mushrooms !
The plus points are that they don’t run away or hide. Although they usually do not perch on the edges of high branches or drop smelly things on you, they still have a display of nice colours.
So I decided not to grumble about their preference to low light conditions which are not the best of the places to take pics.
These momentary beauties were blossoming on the decaying debris of the jungle floor giving 'The dead' one last chance at life. It reminded me of a candle which burns it's brightest just before exausting it's wax and dying.

One family had a mother a father and a baby and the other, so many siblings.
These were found crowding near a foot path of the Kanneliya forest reserve in Galle, Sri Lanka.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating life

In the thick dark jungle a trickle of light dripped from the canopy and made a yellow spot on the decomposing leaves. It stirred a little seed which lay snuggled up in the warm layers of earth.

“Wake up buddy” called out the mossy rock which kept it covered from the greedy mice. “It’s time to come out and grow”. The little seed turned lazily in it's cosy womb and thought if it could stay a bit longer.

But the light was beckoning it out and to be what he is destined to become. He put out a tiny hand to see what it feels like outside….and felt the light on its delicate leaf. The warmth was different from what he felt inside, it woke him up and made him want to explore…. And do what he was meant to do.

The tender sprout slowly spreaded its arms to bask in the beam of energy…..

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A tribute to Bevis Bawa

He sat there where his master wanted him to...

In fact it was his creator's artistic fingers that fashioned out his handsome features out of a clumsy lump of cement… he owed his life to the master.

He sat through the rain, the sun and the lonely nights. Bugs crawled on him and snakes slithered over him keeping him company. The shrubs grew around him covered him from others’ eyes and then they died leaving him bare again. The cycle of life and death unfolding around him over and over again only made him wiser for his years. The trees wrapped their roots around him and he was gradually becoming a part of the nature around him. She was claiming his rights from his master but he did not give in.

Not yet, not now .... his time is yet to come.

He felt proud, he was serving his master who didn’t visit him anymore. It didn’t matter….he was still being faithful paying back his due ....

Location - A minute wonder from the secret garden of Brevis Bawa...."Brief" off Aluthgama, Sri Lanka.

It unveils so many mysteries and surprises each time I visit and keeps me drawing in again and again. Once it was a childhood fantasy come true ...The secret garden and the fern forest is all about my fascination as a first visitor.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drops of sadness ….

When you are living your life to the fullest …is death an option, something desirable?

These young ones lying on the decaying leaves made me think…. just fallen off by some unexpected tragedy, still fresh with all the colours and spirit of youth.

Are those drops of sadness curling up on the tender surface ?