Saturday, May 26, 2012

Life after death

I found a new attraction for photography.

Mushrooms !
The plus points are that they don’t run away or hide. Although they usually do not perch on the edges of high branches or drop smelly things on you, they still have a display of nice colours.
So I decided not to grumble about their preference to low light conditions which are not the best of the places to take pics.
These momentary beauties were blossoming on the decaying debris of the jungle floor giving 'The dead' one last chance at life. It reminded me of a candle which burns it's brightest just before exausting it's wax and dying.

One family had a mother a father and a baby and the other, so many siblings.
These were found crowding near a foot path of the Kanneliya forest reserve in Galle, Sri Lanka.


  1. Photographing mushrooms that are cute and beautiful is my favorite.

    I always meet them carpeting in the jungle.

  2. You took a lovely picture of this mushroom family despite the difficult light situation!

  3. Thank you both for the comments :)

  4. Looks beautiful SM! And it's my first time hearing this name 'Kanneliya' jungle.