Sunday, May 6, 2012

A tribute to Bevis Bawa

He sat there where his master wanted him to...

In fact it was his creator's artistic fingers that fashioned out his handsome features out of a clumsy lump of cement… he owed his life to the master.

He sat through the rain, the sun and the lonely nights. Bugs crawled on him and snakes slithered over him keeping him company. The shrubs grew around him covered him from others’ eyes and then they died leaving him bare again. The cycle of life and death unfolding around him over and over again only made him wiser for his years. The trees wrapped their roots around him and he was gradually becoming a part of the nature around him. She was claiming his rights from his master but he did not give in.

Not yet, not now .... his time is yet to come.

He felt proud, he was serving his master who didn’t visit him anymore. It didn’t matter….he was still being faithful paying back his due ....

Location - A minute wonder from the secret garden of Brevis Bawa...."Brief" off Aluthgama, Sri Lanka.

It unveils so many mysteries and surprises each time I visit and keeps me drawing in again and again. Once it was a childhood fantasy come true ...The secret garden and the fern forest is all about my fascination as a first visitor.


  1. Without art, the world would never be the same. Art and science must coexist for a complete life experience....

  2. That's a classic one. I was only aware of his brother's works. Thanks for enlightening about Bevis and where to find the 'secret garden' for real. :)

  3. @Grass; Thnaks for the comment ! But many dont realise this nowadays they..?

    @Harshi; thank you !
    Geoffrey Bawa's brother was not a professional architect, this was his passion
    check out this blog, it gives directions. I think you will enjoy a visit there immensely :)

  4. It's wonderful that you are back :)
    This is another wonderful post...
    As you can see I started blogging quite rarely, too, in the last months because my work is keeping me so incredibly busy :(