Sunday, May 13, 2012

Celebrating life

In the thick dark jungle a trickle of light dripped from the canopy and made a yellow spot on the decomposing leaves. It stirred a little seed which lay snuggled up in the warm layers of earth.

“Wake up buddy” called out the mossy rock which kept it covered from the greedy mice. “It’s time to come out and grow”. The little seed turned lazily in it's cosy womb and thought if it could stay a bit longer.

But the light was beckoning it out and to be what he is destined to become. He put out a tiny hand to see what it feels like outside….and felt the light on its delicate leaf. The warmth was different from what he felt inside, it woke him up and made him want to explore…. And do what he was meant to do.

The tender sprout slowly spreaded its arms to bask in the beam of energy…..


  1. That is a mighty seed, full of energy.

  2. Wonderful (both the picture and your description).

  3. Wonderful words, stunning photography!