Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back to butterflies

I feel the leathargy creeping over me. This happens all the time when I try my hand at something new. Does anyone have a can of spinach to spare? :D

And my folks are like..."there goes the new hobby"... ;)

Fortunately these enthusiastic butterflies were practically rubbing on me insisting to be taken a pic of. And I had to get out of my cozy coccoon of lazyness, dust up my disappointed cam and capture the pretty volunteers.

This one is called the Chocolate Soldier (Junonia iphita)a common resident butterfly. It was basking in the early morning sun which is meant to regulate its body temperature. It looks a bit like a dried leaf when wings are held together. This particular fellow was thoroughly enjoying its sun bath and did not allow me that view.

It's not only the winged beauties that were catching the eye...

Araliya (Plumeria spp.) is a common tropical flower seen in a number of shades and sometimes even in bicolour. White is the commonest (my fav) and usually represents purity, innocence and simplicity on Sri Lankan literature.

And then I find this one adamently clasping its wings together like a celebrity hiding from the much dreaded media. My guess is it is a Grey Pansy (Junonia atlites) trying to minimise the absorption of heat as the sun was quite high in the sky when this was taken. Being "cold blooded" they are highly dependant on the environment to regulate the body heat. If you look carefully, you will notice that it has adopted a position that has the least effect from the sun.

I will be gone for a while ....hoping to be back as soon as things permit.. : )


  1. Beautiful shots and writing. I hope you'll be back soon, you will be missed. I'm going on a trip in the week-end, so I'll be gone a little bit, too :-)

  2. Lovely pictures, I love the last one, posing and all ah?

    "Aiyo", come soon ahh?
    Looking forward for more.


  3. You are a butterfly expert, and a good story teller.

  4. You are an expert on butterflies :) Love the chocolate one. Don't give in to laziness, like what has happened with me. hehe... Post more often.

  5. Nice captures, Patali.
    Good to see you focussing your camera on butterflies. Their photography is great fun, especially under morning light.

  6. The Grey Pansy is cute, might be the avatar of a beautiful lady....:-)

  7. A brilliant work. I love the pics of Chocolate Soldier and Araliya. Araliya is one of my favorites too and must say that I always relish the color combination in all your masterpieces.

  8. @K; Thanks!

    @Frieda; Thanks dear, It not like im going somewhere, but i wont be able to post new stuff for a while. I will try to visit blogs of you guys on and off. keep posting (for me...hehe)
    Enjoy your weekend outing!

    @Me-shack; yeah they are much easier to work with than models i guess :) I will be visiting once in a way :)
    so you better keep posting :D

    @Dee; welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment

    @rainfield; thanks for the compliment but i am neither :) Just a close obsever of my surroundings

    @SACHIRA; Thanks for the encouraging words!
    According to my mom I am a terminal case of laziness. Will try to keep my morale up :D

    @Gallicissa; I like capturing butterflies.
    Referring them up in my index is even more fun cos I feel like an explorer who just discovered a new species whenever I find the name of my new captive.

    @Grass; oh yes, I think its a supermodel judging by its pose and gracefulness.

    @Nadee; Thanks for visiting my blog. You do have a very interesting blog too. I cannot comment in it cos i dont know sinhala typing :(

  9. What a lovely picture, great moment and color

  10. Beautiful butterflies and araliya is my favorite too. It's one flower that can bring instant peace of mind.

  11. the chocolate solider has come out well. I had a similar shot a while ago.

  12. Wow! Fantastic shots! And it’s nice to see you have taken all the snaps in different angles too

    Ohh! I know a person who can lend you a can of spinach cos he helped me to get back with my blog too … he is Popeye the sailor man … lol

    Anyway hope you will get back with a BANG!! really soon.. =D

  13. Hey Patali,
    we are missing you, hopefully you will be back soon!

  14. Nice! Love the chocolate soldier very much!!