Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Can Grandma !

It was an overcast, lazy afternoon and we were loitering on the comfortably warm granite surface by the village tank. Although it was crowded in the mornings with people coming to bath, collect water and wash cloths the afternoons were basically quiet.

Apart from an occasional bird song the silence ruled. I was drifting in to a siesta while watching the thick clouds sailing above. There was a high fortress with a smoking dragon hovering around and then there was a huge cat with an unusually fluffy tail (I can swear I saw it wink at me)….I was partly dreaming up a cloudy and cozy fairy tale.

“why are they sleeping on the rock grandma?” a curious voice asked. “why aren’t they washing their cloths grandma?” the next question was fired before the poor grandma could think of an answer for the first one. Without turning my head I could picture the curious little girl apparently perplexed by the funny strangers.

Not wanting to startle the little one I kept my eyes closed till they reached the shallow edge of the tank, facing away from us. With one hand on the hip and the other holding a miniature model of her grandma’s bucket she was apparently feeling very grown up.

I secretly captured this picture of her imitating the exact movements of the adult but I missed the best shot of her turning towards me to flash a shy smile as there was a thief next to me who always have other ideas with my camera !


  1. Excellent post as always!

    Seriously! “why are they sleeping on the rock grandma?” :D

    Aiyo! You have missed a perfect moment ne? X( next time tell your thief to bring his own camera ….. :P

  2. You have capture a good story into your picture.

  3. Nice photo that reminds of sweet childhood memory....

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments !

  5. These two are completely absorbed by their washing. That's a great picture, and your storytelling is once again wonderful, too...

  6. This photo is a masterpiece! The post is so beautifully written too!

  7. Thanks Frieda for your nice comment !

    Welcome to my blog Amila !

  8. beautiful photo, beautiful tale

    much love...

  9. 'Hungry man can't appreciate the beauty'... is that why the child asked the second question? :)