Monday, June 4, 2012

Much room !

Latest addition to my mushroom series !
The ant is inspecting its new lodging and is obviously pleased with himself about the roomy and architect designed apartment he just rented. He is scanning the perimeter to see if there are any unwelcome intruders.
These mushrooms hold its shape even after dying and is quite hard in consistency.

It’s an interesting combination of dead, dying and the live-and-kicking seen in this picture.


  1. Most of the mushrooms last only for a day.

    But this one is strong.

    It will continue to greet you for a very long time.

  2. Wow.. nice! I've seen a huge one (1.5 - 2ft in size) of a similar type at a friend's place ages ago, and heard it was a very old one. It almost looked like a wooden piece of work than a mushroom. :D

  3. Beautiful... a great observation :)

  4. Lovely capture! It’s more like a gold mine to me … :D

  5. If we look into detail, nature is amazing, either dead or alive...