Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Ticker

I want to pause, take a rest and hope that the clock will stop and ponder for a while with me. But I still hear its constant ticking ever more loud the moment I stop….reminding me that time is flowing through my fingers as I reflect.

With a growing terror I try to hold on to the fine grains slipping away… in vain.

Meanwhile, an hour glass quietly fills up the bottom with a fine dune of sand and I sit down to watch the tranquility, tired of grabbing on...

This clock tower, counting seconds for hundreds of years was captured in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka. If it could only tell me the number…..


  1. No, the clock has stopped from ticking right now.

    Don't you see?

    You have frozen everything in your picture.

  2. Time is the 4th dimension, your photo is a static slice of time i.e the 4th dimension.

  3. Beautiful verse to accompany the historical clock tower, and sepia tone really suits it!

    And like Rain says time seems to have stood still, including the bird in mid air. Great shot SM!