Saturday, September 22, 2012

Glad to meet ya !

It was a sunny morn of a lazy and snoozy Sunday. What is better than a sleep in?....Butterflies ! 

If there's anything that could get me out of bed early on a holiday, Its definitely the hope of netting a flutter-by with my lens. This luxury happens once in a blue moon when I find myself lying in the cozy bed at my aunt's place in Kurunegala. The house is located in a peaceful village called Hamangalla surrounded by a beautiful garden with plenty of wild flowers flocking by the roadside and open fields. 

I set out early with the first rays of Sun not forgetting the hearty breakfast that awaits the hungry creature on return. 

Just when I think that life just cant get any better than this, I notice a pretty thing move about out of the corner of my eyes. It disappears when I start looking for it. Then when I start moving on in despair of not finding my prize, it moves again. That's when I see this pair of puppy eyes staring at me. Swift and stealthy, this one has a real knack for hiding in plain sight !

After giving a brief peek at the upper side of it's wings adorned with the "glad eyes" it folds the wings maybe thinking it's bad for me to have too much of a good thing. The underside has a different theme altogether along with the eye. Striking three lines at the outer margin adds the final touch to the art work. Despite this detail and glamour I must admit that it is comparatively a small butterfly with an attitude.

This is the story of my meeting with the 'Glad Eye' and guess who had the gladdest of eyes there!

Glad eye Brush Brown (Mycalesis patnia) is a common butterfly found in the wet zone. It is endemic to Sri Lanka and south India. 


  1. If a butterfly can talk,I wish to listen to its version of story.

  2. බොහොම ස්තුතියි ! (testing google transliteration...looks like a piece of cake!)

  3. Glad eye - what a unique name for a butterfly. :) Lovely shots SM!

  4. What a lovely butterfly. Its pattern really looks like an eye...