Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Final flicker

The sun sets on a brilliant sky over a rain water pool in Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka.

Festivities of a farewell are seen painting the sky and the colours drip on to the water and the land beneath. The two dead trees standing in the lake makes a beautiful pattern against the colour palette of sunset. Life stops for no one. The sun will rise again tomorrow. No one will grieve the death of the trees but some will admire the remnants it has left behind, pleasing the eyes of the beholder even after its time on earth is over.

Life provides many moments of bliss but do not care the least for those who drop behind and lament. One can choose either to get drunk in the beauty or repent on the things that were left behind and things yet to be done.


  1. And I even see some human figures along those branches, that reminds me of natural tree art!

    Amazing shot SM! Love the colors and the clear, mystifying silhouettes. It must have been a magical sight to witness firsthand.

  2. What a wonderful capture of this blissful moment. We really have to stop sometimes to enjoy the passing moments of beauty...