Thursday, May 17, 2018

Remembering the Ultimate Sacrifice

A day like today, almost a decade back, things took a turn for a little island.

A decade later I live and serve on a land that one could never even imagine walking. I feel the rich soil under my feet and the welcoming rain in my hair, all that belongs to all of us in this tiny island, once made forbidden to the majority. I wander free and roam the pristine beaches, savour the heavenly mangos oozing the goodness of nature.. all that belong to all of us, kept out of reach for years from most of the inhabitants.  The warm winds, the night calls of the peacock, the shiny leaves of palms creating a unique silhouette in the setting sun, all the love of nature held hostage from the many nationalities who share this tiny island.

Most importantly, as a person who got the opportunity to make friends with the most generous and humble human beings who call this place their home and listen to their heart wrenching stories of war, I can appreciate the immense relief and freedom brought by putting an end to the ravaging battle.

Remembering the thousands of Sons, Fathers and Husbands whose sacrifices enrich every inch of this land, fall on earth in every drop of rain, kissing the beaches in every gentle wave…

Now that I live on the land they rest, every day is a victory day where one remembers the fallen heroes. Warm winds will carry their last breath and the stories of their valour till the end of time..

People may forget, but the land will not.

Salute to our heroes of all nationalities…

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