Thursday, June 24, 2010

colours of the world

cleaning ladies taking a break in the shade inside the Amber Fort,Jaipur,India.


  1. You have a nice blog here! Hope we can see more beautiful photographs from you.

    PS: Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog too.

  2. Hi Anjana,
    thanks a lot for the comment. I finally have a follower !!! :)

  3. Glad to be your 1st ever follower =D and I believe there will be lot more to follow you soon.

    Don’t put yourself down when you don’t see many comments or followers. Just keep doing what you love to do! Keep on posting your snaps!

    People will visit your blog everyday even though they might not get a time to comment on your posts with their busy life’s =D

  4. Another beautiful picture!
    Your blog has a bookmark in my firefox, so I'm a silent follower.

  5. Anjana,Kirigalpoththta & Frieda,
    Thank you for your comments. For a fleeting moment i felt like celebrity ;)