Sunday, June 27, 2010


When I saw this little boy looking out deep in thought at the vast bare lands, I just couldnt help but capture the expression in his eyes..
Although the pic has some reflections of the car window, I thought this earns a place in my blog :)


  1. Patali, that's a wonderful picture. You captured the little boy very well.
    I know the problem with taking pictures from a is even worse, when the windows are dirty. But some pictures can only be taken out of a car :-)
    The reflections are not very disturbing in my opinion.

  2. Picture perfect moment of life! Great capture!

    Indeed he’s in a deep thought and the framing of the pic suites very well to highlight the mood of the boy.

    That reflection of the widow has given kind of a natural vintage effect to the pic and it sets the tone of the snap very well. I like the lighting of this pic too. Did you give it a touch in post process?

  3. Thanks a lot for your nice comments...
    @Frieda, yes I agree. If i was not inside the car i would never be able to take this pic without distracting the little one. So i guess i got a better deal despite the reflections :)
    @Anjana, yes i did some cropping and i increased the contrast quite a bit which gave it kind of matted and grainy look with a bit of saturation and i got this !!!
    @Krigalpoththa, I think this is the pic I love the most too.. :)

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  5. Great!

    Nice cropping always makes photograph a perfect one and you have done a great job in post processing too. Wel done!

    Yep! Even I think this the best snap so far.