Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bee Wise

According to the theory of aerodynamics and as may be readily demonstrated by laboratory tests and wind tunnel experiments, the bumble bee is unable to fly.

This is because the size, weight and shape of his body in relation to the total wing spread makes flying impossible.

But the bumble bee being ignorant of these profound scientific truths, goes ahead and flies anyway…..
And manages to make a little honey everyday!

(Moghadam 1988)

I came across this in some text I was studying recently...It was simple but still had a very powerful and uplifting message beneath.

Moral of the story (my version); DO NOT attempt to educate bumble bees cos that would make them as flightless as the earth worm.

Thousand apologies for the unrelated pic ! (or should I rather say that the bumble bee left with it's Honey while I was focusing on the flower).
Thought of putting a post before I was dumped in the "dead and gone" category :)


  1. Lovely shot!

    Nice to see that you have found how to achieve a great bokeh ;) btw is this flower called baby rose?? (I don’t know whether it’s the correct name of it…lol)

    Thank god none of the wise men tried to educate them ( so far ) and you have just prevented yourself entering to my dead and gone list too…. lol.

    Seriously I think you should find time to click and post something at least once a week. I know you are a big shot and busy and all ..but still think about it ….. :P

  2. A good story is told.

    And it is nice to see you again.

  3. You are back! Great :-) It's always a pleasure to see your pictures and read your thoughts. The text about the bumblebees is great. :)
    These days the bumblebees are all over the rhododendron (the bushes are
    humming a lot).

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments !

    @Anjana ;
    I don't know the name of this flower it was found in a small thicket.

    You are the first to call me a big shot and I cant thank you enough for that :D

    And the suggestion, yes i should try to post more often (btw these days I'm right in the middle of an exhausting exam)

    yeah, I'm back and its nice to have your comments !

    I'm not sure if we have any bumble bees here in Sri Lanka...I guess they are found in more temperate countries like yours :)