Thursday, May 26, 2011

Celebrations !

Yay ! Exams are over least for now...

Fresh strawberries can be great buddies when it comes to celebrating at home..

A couple of them tossed in with a cup of sweetened youghurt, handful of ice cubes and some sugar in the blender for one minute does the trick.

I was planning to post a pic of my smoothie...but it did a vanishing act as soon as it was poured in to the glass :D


  1. We did shout the exams were over.

    But this was a long long time ago.

  2. Congratulations on the passed exams! For now means they were not the last ones in your life? My last one was in 2009 (but there is still one waiting for me :)
    I went to a strawberry field today to collect fresh strawberries! Unfortunately, the plants were in a very bad state, we have an extreme drought these days...

  3. Thanks for the comments !

    Yes Frieda, unfortunately this is not the last one for me. But the next one is optional :)

  4. Knock, knock.

    Looks like you are still celebrating that your exams are over.

  5. Good one!

    Wish I was :(
    studying for the next and hopefully the last one in two months.... Thereafter exams are stictly prohobited for life !

  6. I was about ask the same question .. :P

    Good luck with your next exam and I hope to see the new dish that you prepare after that … :P

    PS: can you pls tell me your secret of how to study for a month at a stretch? It will be a big help for me :D

  7. Good luck for the next exam, I hope you are still studying well.
    I'm waiting for my holiday, 13 days left to go (and lots of work to be done ....

  8. Thank you both,

    hoping to finish the exams by the end of august. couldnt come here for long.

    see you all soon.

  9. I hope you passed your next exams well :)
    It's good to see you back!