Monday, September 19, 2011


This one is called the Common Leopard (Phalanta phalantha). It is a common (true to it's name) butterfly known to love sun and avoid shade.

I was trying to concentrate on a white page crammed with words in boring black ink. It seemed as if the authors were strictly against having any illustrations or pictures in text books let alone a joke or two.

This fellow was not at all helping by fluttering around the Katu lovi (a tropical fruit) bush near my window. After a while of trying to concentrate I gave up the false pretense and headed out with my camera to capture this picture. The coconut palm made a peculiar background as strips of blue sky alternated with the parallel green leaves.


  1. Yes, both the butterfly and the background are nice looking..

  2. Lovely!

    It says, light should be behind you to take a good picture. But, backlit subjects are my favorite too; it adds different flavor/punch to the whole snap. That coconut palm completes the composition by guiding your eye back to the subject (as per the pros, that’s something every snap must do :O).

    PS: good to see that you are back in action like before.. ;)

  3. Forgot to mention… :D

    I have seen your pic’s from the very beginning of your blog. And I must say; this snap clearly shows where you stand now and how much you have improved from your 1st snap.

    Keep going buddy!

  4. Thanks for the Comments !

    Anjana; special thanks for the encouraging words !

  5. That's a wonderful picture. I like its composition with the light on the butterfly and the background very much.
    It's great that you are back :)

  6. Thanks Frieda,

    Although it looks nice it's caterpillars ate up the whole tree :(

  7. Love the striped background and the beautiful warm orange of the butterfly too. Great capture!