Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Name the butterfly

Blue day moth (Dysphania palmyra)
Added later thanks to Bushana

The thicket looked white from a distance. The usual greenery was covered in a soft gossamer veil. Snow at last ! The hope lasted only a few blissful minutes till I got close enough (almost at arms length) to see the flowering vines entangled in the shrubs. (This happened to be one of the many blessings I discovered of being short sighted !) Name of this creeper with thorns is open for suggestions as I am not familiar with it.

The pair of butterflies were keenly sipping the nectar and was walking from flower to flower. The necessity of flight rarely presented as the bounty of blossoms made an uninterrupted trail.

The closest I could get on identifying this butterfly was the ‘Ceylon tree nymph’ which differed by the pattern of black blotches, the yellow marking seen on the lateral side of the thorax and the thick body. I guess I need help in identifying this one…


  1. I love to see the flowers.

    A good place for the butterflies.

  2. Patali
    It is not a butterfly but a day flying moth name Dysphania palmyra (Blue day moth). Tree Nymph is rather bigger butterfly than this one.

  3. The flowers and the butterflies are competing against each other for their beauty..

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments !

    @Bushana ; Wow! Its amazing to know that this pretty creature is actually a moth, because what I had in mind about a moth is a completely different picture.

  5. That’s one of the beautiful moths that I have ever seen too!

    From where did you find this one?

    PS: I left you a comment 2days ago and wonder what happened to that.. lol

  6. this was taken in Kurunegala like most of the other pictures in my blog !

    I never got that comment...may have been lost in the cyber space :)

  7. These are beautiful pictures. What a colourful and pretty moth (the ones here are greyish/brownish in colour).
    Yesterday we had the first snow up in the mountains, by the way - summer seems to be gone for real :(

  8. Thanks Frieda,

    So winter is already in for you ! Hope you will have a nice time :)

    There is something wrong with the browser and it dosent allow to post comments...I tried several times with your blog and a few other's....hope things will be back to normal soon.

  9. Wow.. sweet indeed the combination of all those pastel hues. This moth might be a challenge in a beauty contest of butterflies. =D