Monday, January 30, 2012

Small salmon arab

Finally I found a butterfly with a sensible name.

“Salmon” stands for it's dull pink colour on the upperside of the wings. But the underside is more of a yellow with a greenish tinge.

The “Arab” denotes its main geographical location which spans from the coasts of mediterranean to Yemen, Oman and southern Saudi Arabia. It is known to travel a journey of about 1600 miles in winter from cold mediterraneans to Saudi Arabia. This journey was a mystery since recently.

Although relatively small with a homely outlook it is a poisonous butterfly. In Sri Lanka they are a common species spread in arid, dry and intermediate zones and this particular picture was taken at Trinco, a coastal town in Sri Lanka.


  1. That's a lovely, very well composed picture - and thank you for the great explanation on the butterfly.

  2. This is short but informative and interesting post. Yes, the top down shooting angle is nice, too.

  3. Thanks for the background info and it's a charming butterfly but to think it's poisonous! Gosh.. looks can be deceiving. :D

  4. I absolutely love the photo,perfect!