Monday, January 9, 2012


It's time to release the tiger within....

Location; National Zoological Gardens, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka.


  1. Oh wow.. were you inside the cage? :D Absolutely stunning photo.. and what a majestic pose! ^__^

    PS: hope to see some tiger cubs too.. if you've captured any. :D

  2. Bravo! Lovely composition!

    I like to see them in the wild than in a cage. But, then again he is much safer in this way than out there ….

  3. Nice awakening portrait...:-)

  4. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments !

    @Harshi; He will have a smile if i was inside the cage ! Yes they are awingly majestic creatures.... I took this sometime back, so could not capture the cubs :(

    @Yes, the whole concept of a Zoo puts me off big time. I was feeling depressed on the way back from the visit. It's really sad to see these majestic creatures restricted in confined spaces.

    @Grass; then I should hang it at the foot end of my bed :D

  5. Such an impressive portrait of this majestic animal.
    I must confess that I go to zoos almost wherever I am, because I am fascinated by animals, even though it is very sad how the animals are confined there...

  6. @ Silent: hehe.. more than a smile, they'd grin for sure. :D Oh and too bad you couldn't capture the cubs.

    PS: I too agree about them being confined and us enjoying the sights. Wish they could be free and we could watch them close, like at those open air glass walled parks where they can still roam and live freely.