Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Terror in the grass

I was walking in the garden when I felt that I was being watched. I looked at a patch of grass to see a pair of wide eyes glinting with anger staring at me. The angry face was complete with a nose and a snarl showing white teeth.For a moment I was held by those eyes when the wind rustled the grass and the illusion dissolved in to an innocent butterfly...

This is how I met my fluttery friend known as the "White Four-ring" (Ypthima ceylonica) which probably gets its name from the white dots representing the glint of the "eye".

The wing span is about 2cm and they are mostly seen hovering close to the ground taking short flights frequently interrupted by stops. The larvae feed on grass and it is known to be endemic to south India and Sri Lanka.


  1. Wow fantastic!

    I know how hard to get a snap of these folks since that I’m trying it from the last few days .. lol…. How did you do it?

    Great title and a nice little narration too! Keep up the good work!


  2. I am attracted, so you are, by those eyes, from the upperside and underside of the wings.

  3. Those pictures are spectacular, I keep wondering how you managed to take them (I've been chasing butterflies to take their picture quite some times and they are so fast!)...

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments..

    Anjana & Frieda ;

    Actually it didnt take much time for me to capture this fellow.

    I guess I met a particularly dumb butterfly. Maybe he fell on his head when he was a larva...lol (a joke you will appriciate more if you have read the book "Angela's Ashes")

    Hope you guys will have better luck next time :)

  5. I just quickly skimmed through your blog and wow.. your photos are truly mesmerizing! ^__^ So much like we're standing right in front of the very subject.

    And about this one, it is a wonder how you captured such a cute lil butterfly. I still couldn't snap a single butterfly even though I getta see dozens of them every day. =D

  6. “Maybe he fell on his head when he was a larva” ……….. That’s a good one! Hik hik

    Yep let me keep trying then … lol

    Hmm one more thing… your comment timestamp... is it set to correct time zone?