Friday, July 9, 2010

Firefly dance


  1. I like this picture.

  2. That's beautiful.
    I like fireflies, but they don't live here. I remember watching them in Italy...

  3. Wow amazing! One cool trick that you can do with a camera!

    Btw are they really fireflies?

    Hmmm …. How about making the bottom part of the image bit darker? I guess it will stand out the upper portion of the image even more.

  4. Thanks for the comments..

    sorry for misleading you..these are illuminated optic fibres swaying in the wind captured with a slow shutter speed.

    But i liked to imagine it as fireflies because i miss the pretty bugs i used to see as a kid.

    Yes,Frieda they dont live here anymore either. the concrete forest have chased them away..:(

    Anjana; yes it would look better. and it would have covered the blurr caused by my shaky hands