Sunday, July 18, 2010

Konda Kurulla couple

Looking from my bedroom widow in the morning I saw this couple of "Red Vented Bulbul"s a.k.a "Konda Kurulla" meaning "the bird with scalp hair" perched on the tree nearby. They have a crown of black feathers resembling a short cropped funky hairstyle :)

I thought they were not aware of the spy pulling out a camera and clicking away till he bent towards her and whispered "I feel like celebrity today".... ;)


  1. Que c'est beau !

  2. Wow, we have so many species of bulbul around.

    Yours are cute with a punk haircut.

  3. Those pictures are beautiful. You captured them very well!
    The birds look funny and cute :-)

  4. Wow!!! great photography. What kind of camera do you use?

  5. Nice capture!

    I saw couple of them yesterday but didn’t get a chance to take a photo =D

  6. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment.
    I use a Canon Digital Rebel XSi and this was taken with the zoom lense. I'm still getting used to it :)

    Yeah, birds are always too busy to wait till you fetch your camera ;)

  7. Ahh you are a canon lover too… great … :D

    Is that all your snaps taken from the xsi? Btw what’s the lens that you are using?

  8. Anjana; yes and the lense is 70-300 IS. Guess my photography is not sophisticated enough for the apparatus :D

    Kirigalpoththa; thanks for the comment

  9. Cool! Looks like we both have the same equipment other than you have an Xsi whilst I have an Xti :)

    No No! Your pics are more crisp and beautiful than a P&S camera so that was my concern ;)