Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tribute to Love...

My humble homage to love that keeps the world alive


  1. Wow! Looks stunning!

    How did you do it? Is this is a real snap you processed?

  2. What a sweet quote. I'm wondering, too, how you did it...

  3. Anjana & Frieda- Thanks for the comments,

    This is a pic i processed with the thought of getting a printout...and i wanted it to look like something inbetween a painting and a photo...

    As you must have already guessed i increased the contrast a lot (im kind of getting addicted to that..lol)and adjusted brightness a bit. And the quote ...i made up at the moment of editing ...;)

  4. Yes, wondering.

  5. Yes! I noticed that you have added the wording to it. But the shadows of the couple and the book gave me a doubt that you may have manipulated the entire image. Nice angle and great photography. Those colours and the high tones go with the theme every well.

    Why don’t you start a business of making valentine/greeting cards? I think you have great talent for that :)