Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Puppy Love

Momma said that we are gonna get pictures before our little brother left. We were very excited. Aunty and lil miss got ready. They got dressed, tidied their fur and painted their faces. Momma was sniffing about and telling us that this was our big day.

 "But momma, I think lil miss will get her picture taken because she made herself so pretty"

 "No child.... see, they are getting you a nice green bow, don't run away now, it will make you look all nice and proper"

 "Oh no ...will I have to wear this all day...? Aunty, you will take it off, wont you?"

"Ohh... noooo"

There she is...with a big black box that makes funny noices. She make us sit on the big white bench. The sneaky cat snigger at us from underneath the bench. Lady with the box wont let us get off the bench. It is not nice to laugh at others, momma had told us....she is a bad cat, isn't she?

"She's making fun of us.."

This bow is itchy and I'm hungry...I run to lil miss. She picks me up and loosens the bow. Ohh...that is much better...



  1. Aww.. the pups are so adorable and the monologue makes them cuter! And I was wondering who's this aunty and lil miss were. hehe..

    Was this a part of your project too?

  2. Hi, Harshi,

    I'm back after a tiring weekend in your city. Yeah these fellas are really cute. They bite, bark and howl which i couldn't capture in the pics.

    Aunty and lil miss are my neigbours. They are very kind to let me have access to the pups all the time. Lady with the balck box know who that is !

    Yeah, this is part of the project too..