Sunday, February 10, 2013


This little friend posed for my camera at a boat house by a river. The boat house was closed for the weekend and people have left for their homes. The canine guard was faithfully on duty, without any fuss about overtime pay, salary hikes or vacation leave.

She would have asked the master to stay back with her, only if she could voice her thoughts.

We kept our distance from the boat house, as we walked on the riverbank. Although she tried to appear uninterested, the shiny black eyes gave it away as they closely followed our movements.

Nevertheless her eyes looked unhappy.... Wonder if she was feeling lonely...

Dogs always fascinate me. They bring a smile whatever the mood I am in. Therefore, the roads of Sri Lanka are full of smiles for me (except for the occasions where 'smiles' appear on the middle of the road and try to get run over).

The wonderful thing about these creatures are the complexity of emotions they express, and the happy-go-lucky attitude which is pleasingly contagious. Amongst all breeds of dogs, I personally feel that the strays have the most interesting outlook of life !

This happens to be a project I wanted to start since long back (as suggested by a friend who shared the same fascination), to capture the spectrum emotions in dogs. Hope I will be able to conclude the project in one piece.... : )

P.s - Sorry about the long break, I hope things will go smooth from this point on


  1. Was wondering why there was a long break, but glad to see you're back in action. :)

    And got to say that your photo is so wonderful, not only it relates its story but also conveys those sad and lonely feelings strongly.

    Also it's really nice to hear about your new project to capture canine moods. Wish you all the very best in your photographic endeavors! Hope we'll get to see more of them in future. :)

  2. Hi Harshi, Thanks for the comment !

    I was almost worried that my blogger friends have forgotten all about me.... I am relieved now. :)

  3. How should we forget about you!! It's wonderful that you are back :)
    I like the idea of your new project very much - this first picture is very well done (and your thoughts on it make it even better...

  4. Yes we almost forgot about you :P

    Great to see you back SM. Wish the pic is bit bigger to see the expression well on its face.

    Don't disappear now OK? :D