Monday, August 30, 2010

Fauna Vs Flora

Got the writers cramp (not in my hand but in my mind). I'm drained of my brain power with so much demands and deadlines at work and my brain simply refuses to think anymore :).

bear with me for not posting my usual ramblings today :)

Here are some of the characters I promised to share with you...

This is the White throated Kingfisher which is commonly seen even in Colombo and to my knowledge is the commonest type of Kingfisher in Sri Lanka.

This flowering plant caught my eye as it was full of bloom and the ground was covered with a layer of petals. Somehow I like this pic very much but I really dont know why.... :)

Its a real stress buster to post stuff for you guys here....thanks for following my blog :))


  1. Lovely pics! :)

    I especially love the flowering plant - the composition is perfect.

  2. The pictures are wonderful again.
    And thank you for posting despite your drained brain (my situation is quite similar to yours, I think, there is so much to be done at work, I never manage to finish everything I should finish...)

  3. You are most welcome :)

    I think these times are busy for all of us. I too have quite a few deadlines to achieve. But some how find time to read these things :)

  4. Wow, such lovely pictures. I really love the composition of the first one. The birds looks gorgeous and you have managed to capture color really well. The saturation is really good. Looking forward for more.


  5. The white dot in the eye of the Kingfisher makes it llook lively....

    The background blur pulls out the yellow flower, simple but nice to look at...

  6. Nice photographs!

    Hope your cramp will go away very soon ;)

    Even I got 2 of them hanging around in my backyard, but still I didn’t get a chance to take a decent shot.

    I know why you like the flower snap; that because you don’t know it …. lol. Anyways I love to see a snap of the ground covered with these flower petals.

    PS : I’m happy to be a part of your stress busters crew… :P

  7. There is always stressful for a good stuff.


  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. It made my day :)

    @Amaris in Wonderland; Welcome to my blog! I'm glad that you also like the 2nd one :)

    @Frieda; you are welcome! I really enjoy posting pics here. It gives a nice break from work. Hope your work gets manageable soon :)

    @SACHIRA; Seems everyone is pressed with work and I think I shouldnt be whining too much about it :) Thanks for visiting despite your work!

    @Me-shack; glad you like the pics!

    @Grass; you are very observent and appriciates the pictures in detail. yeah, I think thats why I like the flower pic ..:)

    @Anjana; yeah maybe, the things I dont know intrigues me more. sorry, but i dont have a good enough pic of that :(
    Join the Stress

    @rainfield; the silver lining... :)

  9. Awesome captures! There's a kingfisher who visits here sometimes. And I've only seen it from a distance.. so I never knew they looked this gorgeous.

    And ya, in your 2nd photo the green and yellow hues give off a very warm feeling.. and that's quite unique.

  10. Thanks Harumi, Kingfishers are patient creatures and its easy to capture them than some other birds.
    I have the second pic as my desktop background now :)