Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blue Moon

What the woman with depression scribbled on paper...

Each night,
dawns a blue moon...
Casting long, grey shadows
of the wilted flowers.

Each day,
sun shines cold on my skin...
While tears freeze a trail
down the cheeks.

Then I ask;
(but no one cares to listen)
who robbed the colours
leaving my world all blue and grey?


  1. Beautiful picture and poem.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment Marcel :)

  3. What a wonderful poem. It is full of sadness, but also beauty. How did you take the picture of the moon?

  4. Nice poem and a pic too!

    Did you use the tripod here? I guess you haven't :D

    PS: I’m confused about your profession. Are you a photographer? A writer? Or a Poet? …. =D

  5. Thank you both.

    This pic was taken in an early morning with the sun coming up and that gave the moon a less illuminated bland look, which actually triggered my idea of the poem :)

    I took the pic with the cam in my hands. well... its not like I had the option of using a tripod

    I am none of those by profession but I guess I need to grab the complement when it comes my way....Thanks!!! :D

  6. You have magnified the moon that makes it lose its mystery.

    I do hope the sadness can be shrunk.

  7. I saw a blue moon in the sky ...
    That same someone who once said,
    I saw nice and white clouds around her;
    I saw an angel holding a candle.
    I saw Maria smiling, no longer crying,
    There was Gabriel and he played the trumpet,
    The yellow clouds that floated ...
    Moses spent with his old board
    Along Noah to shepherd ...
    I saw mommy I saw daddy
    I saw the world far away,
    There was no forest so green ...
    I saw the rivers weeping.
    The birds fly out of space for
    Humans were flying;
    Cities covered up by their fireplaces
    And the whole earth with asphalt.
    A bit sad I called God, who guided me,
    I could not see it because I woke up.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    That is a lovely poem and thank you for sharing it with me :)

  9. Wow.. what a touching and beautiful poem. The moon too is mystifying, and almost feels like it's going to disappear.

  10. Hi..came across your blog by chance, through Harumi's..I think the name 'silent moments' intrigued me. It has been a pleasure to find this space. Your thoughts and pictures are beautiful. :)