Friday, August 20, 2010

Journey to origins...

Journey to my father’s home town some 150 Km from Colombo brought me to this peaceful and quiet village with the only sounds that broke the silence were the constant chatter of birds.

A short hike in the early morning when the golden rays were peeping through the canopy took me to this paddy field bordered by a brook. It was turning golden from its lush green indicating that the harvesting is near and the leaves were glistening with the dew drops which shone like diamonds in the morning sun.

I thought I was alone till I saw this handsome stranger. He was apparently mesmerized by the beauty that surrounded and I was able to creep quite close without startling him.

This one is commonly known as the “Nigger” ….The politically incorrect butterfly ; ) (Orsotriaena medus)

Then someone who was particularly sensitive on racism has coined the term “Smooth-eyed Brush brown” which is rather self explanatory, given the appearance of the creature. But for some unknown human psychological inclination the previous term is being used in preference to the new one. (or it’s just the fact that it is short and simple). Too much psychology seems to be making me paranoid…. : )


  1. I love this nature of silent moments.

    Be alone is never be alone actually.

  2. Love the pictures. Especially the butterfly one! I think the composition is really good. Great macro work.

    And I agree, when life is simple, things are a lot easier.


  3. The pictures are so beautiful! Congratulations! And your descriptions are equally wonderful. It seems you had a nice journey to the countryside...

  4. Beautiful paddy and butterfly, no architectural design can beat the nature's creation....

  5. Wonderful capture!

    What a place to visit and relax yourself.

    That Nigger looks stunning too… lol

  6. @rainfield; and one can never be alone when the natures creations surrounds you

    @Me-Shak;im happy you like the butterfly pic :)

    @Frieda; Yes, I love country side to any other luxury destination.

    @Grass; man has always failed to match the creativity of nature despite his so called intellect!

    @Anjana; that place always invigorates me and I'm fresh like new when Im back from there :)

  7. Your pics are so breathtaking.. even the paddy field. I see paddy fields from morn to night but never seen them in this type of angle or proximity.

    The butterfly's name's a lil funny but the critter's a beauty too. ^__^