Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bug's life

The pink wild lilies always catch my eyes although they are trespassers in the flower beds. Today I met an even more attractive intruder who was resting on a soft petal and I was wishing I was small enough to sit on the next flower and listen to my friend's adventures... :)

The butterfly is known as the Common Grass Dart (Taractrocera maevius)...Yea, he seemed a bit confused to me
What struck me most were the two pairs of wings that were held at right angles to each other and the striped antennae....


  1. These pictures are amazing. What a wonderful macro shot of the butterfly....

  2. Wow! Fantastic!

    Great capture Patali! Have you taken any photography lessons? Your photographs getting better and better everyday … awesome :)

    Yep! it looks quite confusing for me as well… lol… I can remember seen these kind of butterflies when I was a kid but not anymore.. Maybe they have shifted their residency to your garden …. :D

    Love the bokeh of the 2nd pic too.

  3. Thank you both,

    The credit of my improvement, if at all.. should go to the feedback I get from you all...

    I really do wish I had time to take lessons...maybe next life :(

  4. Once you know the basics it’s all about taking snaps and improve your skills (without going to photography classes). That’s the same advice I got from a professional photographer (one of my uncles :)

    So I don’t think you need to take lessons anyway.. =D

  5. Wow.. what stunning snaps. My first time seeing a double winged butterfly, esp. a one that poses like a tiny airplane. =D