Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Land of the Dragons

Dragonflies always intrigued me starting from their name. They do not at all look like a dragon (well...I cant recall when I last saw a dragon anyway :D) or could never be passed as a fly unless one was stark blind and the dragonfly decided to keep well away from their touch!

Yet someone decided to call these fellas Dragonflies and here we are following the tradition : ) And I'm guessing they are more than happy to have such a majestic name!

The thing I like about them the most is they are not as busy as butterflies and do not mind even to strike a few poses while they are at it.

This one is called the Pied Parasol (Neurothemis tullia) which is a common resident dragonfly.

It was resting on a dried palm leaf deep in contemplation (probably about global warming) in a hot sunny afternoon and could not care less of the clumsy humanoid hovering around with an apparatus that kept clicking.


  1. Lovely. I too once photographed the same dragonfly - See here :)

  2. brilliant! (as usual) :)...I love the colors and the sharpness. really nice..

  3. You took wonderful pictures!
    In German they are called Libelle, in Romanian libelula.
    Some time ago I was visited by dragonflies - once at home, once in my office. Unfortunately, my visitors were moving fast (and making quite some noise) and I didn't have my camera at hand to take pictures...

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone!

    @rainfield; The postures of the dragonflies are meant to regulate body heat.Actually this is one of the postures of the dragonflies which they adopt when the sun is low but the heat is still on...the wings are covering the thorax to keep it cool.

    @Kirigalpoththa; Nice collection of macros! I also should try to capture a housefly :)

    @Walagamba; ok ok...the credit of the colors and sharpness goes to Canon :P

    @Frieda; Libelle = dragonfly ...nice to know :)
    I know the feeling when you are at a situation which is photo worthy but you dont have the cam...very distressing

  5. Wow! Wonderful!

    Looks like you still got some bugs around …lol

  6. Wow.. a gorgeous fella. And ya, I noticed too, dragonflies are so generous. They don't even budge when they pose. =D