Monday, August 16, 2010

Till death do us part

I saw this couple of birds perched on a dead tree on a high branch. There were a lot of branches spanning a wide area and the two birds were huddled together as if they were being charged for using the tree on the basis of length of branch used :)

This was taken in an early morning and it appeared as if they were grooming themselves to start the day. The grooming process of birds is called Preening where the bird runs its beak through its feathers to remove debris, realign the the feathers that are out of place and distribute a special oil produced at the base of its tail to ensure a smooth flight !

They were captured in a home garden in Kuliyapitiya and I still could not identify the type of the bird.

Can anyone help ?


  1. Though cannot identify them, it is so good to see a loving couple in the morning.

  2. I never know birds are as loving and as romantic as human being.....:-)

  3. Thank you for dropping in. I love your blog. I can't believe I didn't come across it. I checked out all your pictures. I checked all of them. I assuredly tell you, I'll be a frequent visitor. And the secret garden looks amazing. Love that kind of atmosphere. If they are birds, then you have to see Gallicissa.

    check this out. It's the best you'll ever find.

    Looking forward for more form you.


  4. what a cute picture. It looks so romantic!
    Unfortunately, I don't know anything about birds, so I can't help you

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments

    @rainfield; yeah it certainly is :)

    @Grass; Welcome to my blog! There are many birds who have the same partner for their entire life....I guess that qualifies as love in birds' sense :)

    @Me-shak; Welcome to my blog. I'm happy that you liked it. Thanks for the link :)

    @Frieda; Yes It looks romantic and my aunt wanted a copy of it!!!

  6. Love is in the air!

    As always a nice capture! I thought you are a bird person; cos you know so many things of birds than most of us =D

    Btw do you refer to a book when you identify the creatures? (Not this post but your previous ones

  7. he sure is

    So sad that I have to confess (and thus blow the bubble of my apparent wisdom)...but my knowledge comes from an index of critters and this birdie was left out for some odd reason :)

  8. Lovely..Reminds me old CT Fernando sinhala song .. 'amba ruk sevanelle..'

  9. Aww.. such a cute couple. Reminds me of the Bulbul couple that frequents here and the couple of crows I met near Habarana. You've beautifully captured one of nature's sweet moments.

  10. These are Ashy Woodswallows, formerly known as Ashy Swallow-shrike. They often perch shoulder to shoulder like that, and at time I have seen over about ten birds in a tight squeeze. One of my friends, like that man from kopi kade, frquently gets their name wrong and calls: "Woody Ashyswallow."