Friday, August 27, 2010

Butterflies Galore!

I’m not a morning person and at this rate I don’t expect a miracle any soon. The only exception for my night owl behavior is when the morning has many promises and surprises in store for me like when I am in the countryside.

The morning calls of the myriad of birds taking sanctuary of the nearby thicket pinches me out of my sleep. I am out of the door with my trusted sidekick (happens to be my cam) in no time. My father throws a bewildered glance at me over his steaming cup of tea and seeing the cam, goes back to sipping the tea with a knowing look.

Although birds are very enthusiastic on getting me out of bed they have other ideas about posing for my cam. There were of course a few who didn’t mind letting me capture a few shots of their morning life.

Trying to capture the feathered friends I was forgetting the smaller critters of flight hovering closer to the ground till I stumbled on a small bush in full bloom with purple flowers. It is called “balu nakuta” (the dogs tail) and the flowers rich with nectar attracts many butterflies. The undergrowth was splashed purple with many bushes of the same species and it was like a miniature eco system buzzing with life.

This one is called the Common Rose (Pachilopta aristolochiae) and it had to keep flying even when sipping nectar as the flower was too small to bear its weight. That is how I ended up with this action shot!

Then I saw this tiny and quite unimpressive looking butterfly having its share of the breakfast without much ado while our Ms Rose was making a spectacle of herself. As I quite expected my index did not contain this little fellow. But with due respect to the constitution of the butterflies which says “however uncolourful or minute, all butterflies should be treated equally” I am posting It’s pic too :D suggestions of its name are always welcome!

The sun was slowly rising warming up the cool morning air and I was getting hungry as I watched the feeding frenzy of my friends. On my way back home I met several interesting characters. Await the next post…. ; )


  1. Excellent post!

    Reading through your post was like watching a episode of a teledrama :D . As always you have done a great job in writing it with all the excitement in it.

    Perfect action shot and couldn’t ask for better one!

    Ahh the name of that lil fellow? hmm only one name comes to my mind, that is Mr. Big Eye … lol

    Suspense is on for the rest of the series =D

  2. I enjoyed your post, too. You know how to tell a story and took beautiful pictures. Unfortunately, I can't help with a name for the little butterfly...

  3. Anjana is correct, I could visualize all the events as you were telling the story. Wonderful style of writing!

    True, morning is the best time for photography. The first picture, I like because I could feel the action of wings flapping. The second one for me looks more like a moth than a butterfly. But I'm not an expert in this area :)

    Looking forward for the next post...

  4. Excellent writing and photos.....:-)

  5. You have enjoyed the moments in the early morning. It must be a good memory.

  6. Lovely! I love all the picture. The macro work is very good. The composition is also perfect. Super stuff. I love how you have put it into words. Many of us struggle to write a few lines :P Keep posting :)


  7. I love that line from the butterfly constitution, good one! :)

    The last one, however, is not a true butterfly (superfamily: Papilionoidea), but is a Skipper (Superfamily: Hesperiodea); most probably a Pelopidas sp. It is difficult to identify beyond than that (for me) from your picture as the full wing details are difficult to read.

    I am not a big fan of Hesperiodea, as most of them suffer from severe appearance deficiencies, and are just too BORING. And they are difficult to identify without catching them—which is not always possile. So I prefer to lump 'em all as skippers, and move on, with good conscience that I am not violating the butterfly constitution. ;)

  8. Thanks everyone for the encouraging and lovely comments!

    @Anjana; I'm very good at putting up drama ;)
    thanks for the name, it really suits him! the first pic is my fav too.

    @Frieda; glad you enjouyed it!

    @SACHIRA; I too was wondering if the it was a moth but then i remembered learning that moths kept their wings parallel to the surface (hopefully i wasnt asleep and dreaming in that lesson..hehe)

    @Grass; glad you liked my post!

    @rainfield; it sure is a good memory!

    @Me-shak; thanks for the compliment and you yourself is very good in your writing!

    @Gallicissa; Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for your valuable openion on my unidentified creatures.

    Yeah they are BORING (hope i wont be sued by the joint association for skipper rights!)I think i need to brush up on my long forgotten biology and read a bit on this area. seems really interesting.

    Thanks for naming my woody ashy swallows (or was it swallowy woody ashes)hehe...just kidding!

  9. A picture has a thousand words they say.. and I'd say your words have a thousand pictures! ^__^

    Amazing shot of that butterfly in action and the lil unknown guy/ gal is a cute one too. It looks a lot like a moth but behaves like a butterfly, prolly a hybrid? =D

  10. Great site and nice to see SL has such an array of wildlife photography pros. I'm thinking of visiting SL in December, are you aware of any planned wildlife photography trips during this time or can you recommend some good non commercial locations.

  11. @Gups; thanks for visiting my blog! you will probably get the info you need from
    happy journey :)