Friday, August 13, 2010

Colours of India

When I think of India the first thing that come to my mind are the pretty women clad in brilliant coloured sarees.
I see India as the most exquisite bouquet of colours the world has to offer.
Indians simply celebrate life through their colourful culture of food, art, cloths and even flowers.

Would it still look fascinating if I took all the colours out...?


  1. Yes! It looks fascinating.

    That expression of the cow is priceless … =D

  2. the picture is fascinating in black&white, without doubt. :-) It is very well done...
    The idea of India without its colours is fascinating, me (even though I've never been there), India is full of colour, too...

  3. I have been to India a very long time ago. I love the hot and species dishes.

  4. Yep, Indians have too many colors that I could envy but.. I feel I like this B&W pic the best! This one is packed with emotions and expressions, and portrays life at its simplest level.