Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The secret garden

The secret garden was one of the books that fascinated me as a child and fueled my unrelenting thirst to read. I still remember myself huddled in bed with the book reading like the world did not exist anymore.

Those memories were stirred from the depth of my mind when I saw this antique wrought iron gate left open wide inviting the curious visitors in. The ornate gate pillars added a sense of mystery and fear as to what laid beyond. The statute resting on the pillar had a pot overgrown with an ornamental grass resembling it to the head of the Medusa.

And the looks were not deceiving…..It was hiding a wonderful world behind the towering wall of palms just like it did in the book….I was reliving my childhood fantasy this time, for real !!!
Pls. excuse the mist like quality as this was taken through a rather dusty windshield : )

As with all good things there was yet another gate before I got to feast my eyes on the beauty . The tolling of the bell brought the caretaker who let us in.

Walking a few feet through the thick growth of ferns in to the garden I turned back to see the little gate almost hidden by the foliage giving the sense of being trapped in another world.


  1. Are you still trapped inside the secret garden?

    Do you see any spooky "things"?

    Do you....

  2. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful description. I think I should read the book ... and I wish I could take a walk in the garden, too...

  3. Thanks for the comments,

    @rainfield - I wish i was trapped in there forever

    @Frieda - Yes, Its a nice book.
    You can take a walk in there if you come here some day... ;)

  4. Oh, that would be wonderful. I have already heard a lot about your beautiful country... Who knows, maybe one day I will visit it!

  5. Where is it? Looks bit spooky but I would love to have a walk in it :)

    I really like your writing style too and I know it is coming from reading lot of books ;)

  6. Its the "Bawa Garden" which you might have already heard of. Hope this link will tell you the rest :)

  7. No I haven’t (

    thanks for the link.

  8. Fascinating. It is very tempting to go inside & explore

  9. Almost felt like I was reading an excerpt from a story book. So beautiful, both the pics and your narration. ^__^